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NEW VIDEO: Pikahsso - Hoodie Rap
Hoodie Rap. A dedication to Trayvon Martin, James Byrd, Jr., Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and others who have been tragically affected by travesties of police brutality and other racial injustices. Written and performed by Pikahsso. https://pikahsso.com https://facebook.com/pikahsso https://instagram.com/pikahsso https://twitter.com/pikahsso Video directed and edited by Marcellus Suber https://timewarped.co https://facebook.com/timewarpedstudios https://instagram.com/thetwstudios https://twitter.com/thetwstudios
PHOTO SET: DeVay, October 2016

I wanted to experiment with using only one light, so I asked my friend DeVay to be my subject. I dug how a number of photos turned out, but I only edited a few of them until just a few days ago. Not really sure why. Anyhoo, these are the final edits from that shoot over a year ago.

If you'd like to find out more information on DeVay, you can check him out at the following: